Conspiracy of Lies

Interviews Conspiracy of Lies. with M.K.Tod.

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By B. Gaskell-Denvil

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Both convincing and gripping, this is a book to make you think, make you wonder, make you shiver, and make you dream. The details of the French Resistance are excellently researched, and really come alive, with sufficient detail to bring a vivid and exciting picture to mind. The writing races, rushing you along with the action and the desperate hopes of the characters. These are well drawn characters, each extremely individual, and the heroine is a personality that enters your heart. The villains are equally charismatic, and it is this which perhaps makes the story line even more attractive.
The love story is both unusual and mesmerizing, and I quickly felt involved myself, with a myriad of worries and hopes about how it would all end.
France in wartime is presented with a haunting realism that kept me reading on, unable to put the book down until the end. There are passages which make you feel as though danger is on your own doorstep, and some details are horrific. But all this brings the book wonderfully alive, and I strongly recommend it.

By Suzi Stembridge  

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I often finish a book of modern fiction feeling it was a good read but I rarely feel a book is outstanding. After a gentle beginning this book really develops and I put it into the same class as Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and it deserves to be as well read. In the summer of 1943 on a stormy night Claire Bouchard slipped into, or rather was hurled against the rocks of the coast of Northern France and so began the story of an exceptionally brave woman. The prologue and first couple of chapters hold the reader’s attention but after a re-reading of these after finishing the book nothing suggests to the reader that they should have been able to predict plot against the background of the Second World War where the outcome is much documented. Every page seems to come as a surprise, every page is a historical depiction of the lives of the French resistance; sometimes a relief and delight often horror filled accounts with suspense. Through all this is intense romance. It is also historically fascinating and would make a wonderful drama or movie.

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By Carol

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The very beginning pulled you in to loving the two main characters in spite of horrors of World War Two. After several weeks I still morn the end of this book. Well done Kathryn Gauci

By Yvonne B.

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Couldn’t put it down, had to pace myself because I didn’t want it to end.


Alison Hopkins

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Enjoyed as much as the first book ‘The Embroider’ great characters, a real page turner