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The Viennese Dressmaker: A Haunting Story of Wartime Vienna

From USA TODAY Bestselling author, Kathryn Gauci, comes a powerful and unforgettable story of one woman’s incredible will to survive and protect those she loves against insurmountable odds. Based on actual events, this is an epic story of courage and resilience. It is the kind of book that wraps around your soul and leaves an impression.

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The Blue Dolphin

Set on a Greek island in the Aegean during the German Occupation of Greece, The Blue Dolphin reads like a Greek tragedy. Rich with loyalties and betrayals, it is a harrowing, yet ultimately uplifting story of endurance and love.

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The Secret of the Grand Hôtel du Lac

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Kathryn Gauci, comes an unforgettable story of love, hope and betrayal, and of the power of human endurance during history’s darkest days. Inspired by true events, The Secret of the Grand Hôtel du Lac is a gripping and emotional portrait of wartime France… a true-page-turner.

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The Poseidon Network

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kathryn Gauci, comes a mesmerising, emotional espionage thriller that no fan of WWII fiction will want to miss.

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Conspiracy of Lies

1940. With the Germans about to enter Paris, Claire Bouchard flees France for England. Two years later she is recruited by the Special Operations Executive and sent back into occupied France to work alongside the Resistance….

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The Embroiderer

The Embroiderer 1822: During one of the bloodiest massacres of The Greek War of Independence, a child is born to a woman of legendary beauty in the Byzantine monastery of Nea Moni on the Greek island of Chios. The subsequent decades of bitter struggle between Greeks and Turks simmer to a head when the Greek army invades Turkey in 1919…

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The Embroiderer of Smyrna – Greek Version

The EmbroidererΉταν Απρίλης του 1822, όταν άρχισε η φοβερή σφαγή της Χίου… Στο μοναστήρι της Νέας Μονής Χίου, μια αποφράδα ημέρα εκείνου του μηνός, μια Χιώτισσα μυθικής ομορφιάς γεννά ένα παιδί που θα σωθεί σαν από θαύμα από την τρομερή σφαγή.

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Seraphina’s Song

Seraphina's Song Dionysos Mavroulis, a refugee from Asia Minor, escapes Smyrna in 1922 disguised as an old woman. Alienated and plagued by feelings of remorse, he spirals into poverty and seeks solace in the hashish dens around Piraeus.

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The Carpet Weaver of Uşak

The Carpet Weaver of Uşak Set amidst the timeless landscape and remote villages of Anatolia, The Carpet Weaver of Uşak, is the haunting and unforgettable story of a deep friendship between two women, one Greek Orthodox, the other a Muslim Turk: a friendship that transcends an atmosphere of mistrust, fear and ultimate collapse, long after the wars have ended.

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The Darkest Hour Anthology: WWII Tales of Resistance – Code Name Camille

USA Today Best Seller

WWII Tales of Resistance. The Darkest Hour. An Anthology. Ten WWII authors come together, each with their own individual stories.

Code Name Camille is a novella by Kathryn Gauci.
Proceeds will be donated to the Washington Holocaust Memorial.

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From the USA Today runaway bestseller, The Darkest Hour Anthology: WWII Tales of Resistance.
Code Name Camille,
now a standalone book.
1940: Paris under Nazi occupation. A gripping tale of resistance, suspense and love.

When the Germans invade France, twenty-one-year-old Nathalie Fontaine is living a quiet life in rural South-West France. Within months, she heads for Paris and joins the Resistance as a courier helping to organise escape routes. But Paris is fraught with danger. When several escapes are foiled by the Gestapo, the network suspects they are compromised.

Nathalie suspects one person, but after a chance encounter with a stranger who provides her with an opportunity to make a little extra money by working as a model for a couturier known to be sympathetic to the Nazi cause, her suspicions are thrown into doubt.

Using her work in the fashionable rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, she uncovers information vital to the network, but at the same time steps into a world of treachery and betrayal which threatens to bring them all undone.

Time is running out and the Gestapo is closing in.