Midnight in Istanbul

From USA TODAY bestselling author Kathryn Gauci comes a suspenseful new thriller filled with intrigue and atmosphere – a spy novel that you won’t be able to put down.

‘Meet me near the Galata Bridge in thirty minutes. On the quay – the Karaköy side – at the pier, opposite Ali’s Fish Tavern. Don’t be late.’ There was a slight pause. ‘Make sure you’re not being followed.’
‘How will I recognise you?’ I asked.
‘You won’t. I will recognise you.’ There was a click and the line went dead.

Istanbul 1943. A place where you can easily lose yourself: an intoxicating mix of the orient – sweet and sensual – combined with an ever-present sense of adventure, intrigue, and danger. A place where the unknown lurks in the shadows of its famous winding streets and minarets; in every nightclub and backstreet cafe; on every ferry ride which makes you wonder if you will reach the other shore; and perhaps most of all, in the arms of every beautiful woman who declared her love for you.

Elliot Caldwell, an OSS agent operating from neutral Turkey, finds himself entangled in a dangerous mission to aid the Austrian resistance group known as CASSIA or the Maier-Messner group, which delivers vital information about Nazi armaments factories, including the production of the infamous V-2 rocket.

But after two men are found murdered, Elliot is forced to conclude there is a traitor in the network. In a cat and mouse game to uncover who it is, the network suffers a crushing blow with devastating consequences.

Based on real events, this is the story of one of the most important resistance groups of WWII, whose contributions were crucial for Operation Crossbow and Operation Hydra, both preliminary missions for Operation Overlord.

Skillfully woven and filled with intrigue, this is a story that fans of John le Carré, Alan Furst, Philip Kerr, Daniel Silva, Charles Cumming, and Joseph Kanon will not want to miss.


Publisher Ebony Publishing
ISBN 979-8325105401
Paperback 162 pages

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