Seraphina’s Song

“If I knew then, dear reader, what I know now, I should have turned on my heels and left. But no, instead, I stood there transfixed on the beautiful image of Seraphina. In that moment my fate was sealed.”

Dionysos Mavroulis is a man without a future: a man who embraces destiny and risks everything for love.

A refugee from Asia Minor, he escapes Smyrna in 1922 disguised as an old woman. Alienated and plagued by feelings of remorse, he spirals into poverty and seeks solace in the hashish dens around Piraeus.

Hitting rock bottom, he meets Aleko, an accomplished bouzouki player. Recognising in the impoverished refugee a rare musical talent, Aleko offers to teach him the bouzouki.

Dionysos’ hope for the future is further fuelled when he meets Seraphina – the singer with the voice of a nightingale – at Papazoglou’s Taverna. From the moment he lays eyes on her, his fate is sealed.

Set in Piraeus in the 1920’s and 30’s, Seraphina’s Song is a haunting and compelling story of hope and despair, and of a love stronger than death.





Publisher Ebony Publishing
Paperback 9780648123521


Ebook US$3.99

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