An interview with Kathryn Gauci, author of ‘The Embroiderer’

Spotlight on historical fiction author Kathryn Gauci

September 26 2017

Historical Fiction: The Magic of combining Fact with Fiction :by Kathryn Gauci

September 14 2017

It was a great pleasure to be a guest on Carmela Cattuti‘s talkshow today where we discussed the influences in The Embroiderer and Conspiracy of Lies.

Join Carmela Cattuti and Kathryn Gauci as they discuss Karthryn's new novel Conspiracy of Lies.

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August 4 2017

Author Interview with Fiona Mcvie

Here is my interview with Kathryn Gauci


August 3 2017

An interview with M.K. Tod about Conspiracy of Lies on her blog A Writer of History

Writing historical fiction with Kathryn Gauci

June 2 2017

Interview with Rena Fragioudakis on Greek Radio 3XY Melbourne about The Embroiderer and the new trilogy set in Greece and Turkey.

History Imagined:

Kathryn Gauci interviews Sophia Laskaris from The Embroiderer


Ventura Galleries features The Embroiderer Book of the Month

The Embroiderer by Kathryn Gauci


March 6 2016

An interview with author Claire Stibbe

A Warm Welcome to Author Kathryn Gauci


February 11 2016

John Manuel interviews me using my own questions from my “A Literary World: Greece” series.


February 1 2016

The Greek Wive’s Club Book of the Month

February’s Book of the Month


December 5 2015

Christoph Fischer: Saturday Historical Novelist Interviews with Kathryn Gauci

Saturday Historical Novelist Interviews with Kathryn Gauci

February 15 2015

An interview with Maria Grace, Writing Superheroes.


December 3 2014

A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life  with Catherine Curzen

Prelude to Revolution: Sultan Mahmud II and Ali Pasha of Ioannina